Canh Chua Chay


Canh Chua Chay

Six Senses Laamu



Okra, pineapple, tomato, bean sprout and tofu
Serves 6 pax

½ Cup Diced firm Tofu
½ Cup Carrots
½ Cup Plum Tomato
½ Cup white onion
½ Cup fresh spinach leaves
½ Cup Sliced Pineapple
½ Cup fresh spinach leaves
½ Cup Bean sprouts
1 Each Red chili (large)
½ Cup Okra
1 tblspn Soy sauce
1 Tblspn Tamarind
4 Cloves garlic
2 Tblsn White vinegar
3 Each Limes
Picked cilantro, picked Basil
Salt & pepper


Finley chop half of the plum tomatoes, and half of the pineapple, and sauté in a little corn oil, Add the tamarind and 5 cups of water, bring to the boil.
Dice all the vegetables and add to the broth, simmer for 2 minutes, also add tofu at the end.
Finish with seasoning picked herbs, dash of soya sauce, and a squeeze of lime, serve on the side finely sliced garlic pickled in white vinegar.

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