Maldivian Specialties


Maldivian Specialties

Taj Exotica Resort & Spa



100 grams pumpkin
100 grams eggplant
100 grams potato
25 grams chopped onion
5 grams chopped garlic
2 grams rampa leaves/Pandanus leaf
1 sprig Curry leaves
30 grams Tomato paste
1 no Maldivian Scotch bonnet chilli
10 grams Turmeric powder
5 grams Salt
50 milliliters vegetable oil
50 grams Maldivian Curry Paste (available in the market)
15 grams Maldivian Curry powder


Heat oil in a heavy bottom pan, add in chopped onion, garlic, rampa leaves and curry leaves. Sauté till Golden brown.
Add curry powder and sauté a bit till flavors are let out by the spices, now add in vegetable ( pumpkin, potato and eggplant) followed by tomato paste. Cook on simmering flame.
Now add in scotch bonnet, turmeric powder and salt. Further cook the curry until the vegetable is done.
Finish by adding in maldivian curry paste and adjust seasoning.
Serve with steamed rice and griddled maldivian roshis or rice.(Roshis are thin pan griddled bread made with refined flour)

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