Terrine Sayuran

Terrine Sayuran

The Balé



100gr Cashew nuts, soaked in warm water and blended (hummus)
50gr English spinach, seasoned salt pepper & olive oil
150gr Shiitake mushrooms (Seasoned with light soya – Kikkoman brand for best flavour)
150gr Zucchini, sliced long ways
100gr Sundried tomatoes, blended and squeezed dry
200gr Fresh tomatoes, blended and squeezed dry (afterwards mix together with the sundried tomatoes)
25ml Tomato sauce (Recipe and method below)
20gr Fresh sweet corn kernels
5gr Shallot, chopped
3gr Parsley, chopped
5 gr Red chilli chopped
2 gr Fresh Coriander chopped
7gr Olive oil
Sea Salt & pepper



Starting with the zucchini as the under liner and continue with other ingredients – cashew nut hummus, spinach, sundried tomato , mushrooms and in the last layer put in cashew nut hummus again. Cover with zucchini and press down with some weight in the fridge for minimum of 2 hours to set before serving.

Salsa & Sauce

Maissalsa: Mix the following ingredients in a bowl: Sweet corn kernels, shallots, parsley, red chilli, coriander, salt, pepper and olive oil.

Tomatensauce: Bring five ripe tomatoes, 1 peeled whole onion and two sticks of celery to a boil and simmer until the tomato is soft. Once tomatoes are cooked – take out the onion and celery, blend the tomatoes and strain it.

Place the tomato mixture back into a pan, season with salt and pepper and reduce until thicker sauce consistency. Sauce is ready to use.

Slice the terrine and arrange on the plate, place the salsa and the tomato sauce around the terrine.

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